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Women's Insulated Jackets

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Designed to be worn over a mid layer. Down and synthetic jackets are the perfect garment to keep you warm in the winter months.

Down Jackets - Great for dry cold climates or streetwear


  • Great warmth to weight ratio 
  • Pack down really small


  • No longer insulate you when wet
  • Are not machine washable
  • Can loose feathers over time in the same way as sleeping bags

Synthetic Jackets - Most versatile outdoor warm garments


  • Still really warm
  • Consistent insulation along the whole jacket as the insulation does not move freely
  • Machine Washable
  • Does not loose insulation over time
  • Still insulates when wet


  • Often has to be thinner and lighter to pack down small
  • Has not quite as good a warmth to weight ratio
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